The new reason to avoid Apple Macs.

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

It looks like the days of a user upgradeable mac have gone bye bye. The new MacBook pros, and some (if not all) of the iMacs are no longer user serviceable. What does this mean? Well if your RAM, Hard Drive or battery goes out, or you simply want to upgrade, you can no longer bring it to a 3rd party shop to fix, such as myself. Therefore you’re going to pay out the ass to fix anything. You will now also be stuck with the specs you bought with no way to upgrade without buying a whole new computer.

So whoever decided to solder the ram to the mobo, glue the battery in and use a pci-e hard drive. I hope you get raped and beaten with a old model 60lb Mac Pro. Apple, you can go fuck yourselves for this decision. Do everyone a favor and revert back to your old way.