iPhone users are sheep

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I keep seeing all these posts about how iPhones are for smart people, and how Android is for poor people. There’s some flawed logic in these kinds of posts. For one. iPhone is simple, just like their users want. They don’t want to deal with customization. Personally, I’d take customization, a removable battery, and an SD card over a phone that’s supposedly secure and simple from the factory. I want to be able to control my phone. This isn’t how an iPhone user thinks.

My theory on why more of the successful and creative types use iPhone is that they just aren’t interested in the above. They don’t care that they can use an Android as a computer replacement, because their iPhone can make calls, send texts and surf the web. Though just because a person is successful doesn’t mean they are smart.

If anything, I would make an opposite claim that iPhone users aren’t as smart in the technical aspect of Android users. Because there’s more to Android, there’s more to figure out, more nooks and crannies for the ability to unlock unknown possibilities.

Plus, the fact is, with Android, users don’t have to let ONE company dictate what they get out of a phone. Why? Because there are TONS of Android options in all shapes, sizes, prices and customizability. And that to me, is smart.


Android App Recommendations

Information Technology

The whole point of a smartphone is to maximize communication and efficiency. Take a look at some of these apps to do both.

Click the names to go to the app!

MightyText – This app allows you to text message your clientele, friends and family from your computer using you cell phone number. You install the desktop app and mobile app, sign in with google, and you’re all set!

Trip Log Expense Tracker  – An all in one, mileage tracker with GPS tracking, IRS data reports and all around business expense tracking. Definitely an awesome app.

Smart Launcher 2 – This is the last launcher you will ever use on your android. What’s a launcher? The launcher is the home screen you see when you are using your device. This one allows fast and clean activation of Apps. Also allows the use of touch free voice activation. This is the same one Keith, Lynn and I use. For more features such as widgets, check out their pro version.

Swift Key Keyboard – This replacement keyboard has a number row, arrows, word prediction, swype, voice and many more customizations than could ever be done with the Stock keyboard.

Dolphin Browser – The ultimate browsing experience. Fast, sleek, loads almost any page and supports flash. If you pay for lastpass, there’s also a plugin for Dolphin. Find it here.

LastPass for Android – Manage all your passwords on your Android. Syncs with your computer. Requires lastpass premium for $12/year.

ES File Explorer – This is a file explorer for android, and will allow you to view the files on your phone much like you do on your computer.

My Backup Pro ($) – This is a local backup program to back up your entire device to your SD Card (On Android 4.4 it backs up to internal storage).

Greenify (optional $) – This program automatically puts applications into a sleep/hibernate mode when not in use, therefore preventing them from using your battery or data. Unlike task killers, which just restart apps, this halts them completely until you re-open them.

GSam Battery Monitor and Better Battery Stats  – Battery life got you down? These apps together can help determine what’s causing the drain!