The new photo generation

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What the photo industry has evolved into is pathetic and sickening. It seems to be a bunch of unoriginal copycats setting the bar to those doing the hiring that results in at least one of the following: Long hours and no-low pay, Everyone expecting a lot from trade, photographers giving away photos without watermarks. This is NOT okay.

As a photographer, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Give away photos without your logos (Give away means for free or less than $200/hour)
  • Be willing to work long hours for free
  • Be willing to work long hours for less than $50/hour
    • Depends on experience
  • Shoot on auto
  • Not edit your photos originally
    • Copying makes you a piece of shit

As a person hiring, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Expect photos without a watermark unless you’re paying very well
  • Expect 5 hours of work for less than $200/hour
  • NEVER tell a legitimate photographer with a legitimate backing you don’t need them.
    • This makes you a douche.
    • Since when are good photos a bad thing?
    • There’s never too much coverage of your event when it’s legitimate.
  • Expect anything without paying for it

Be fucking grateful a company wants to cover your event if they reached out to you.

Bottom line, if you can’t do it, and are going to get quality images in one way or another, shut the fuck up and let the photographers do what they do best. 



Get with the times

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Technology is all around us. Why would you reject it? Phone calls are outdated and inefficient at handling multiple requests at once. Use technology to your benefit. Text, Email, use a ticket system like OSTicket or DeskPro. Personally, I’m less likely to deal with a business that doesn’t use up to date tech. Get with the times. The longer you reject it, the more you’re gonna have to spend in the end to set it up or learn.

PLUR is a joke

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Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Funny, no one I know who uses the term (or is in the EDM industry) fits the bill one bit. So far, the EDM industry has proved how society has failed. No one shows any real love, unity or respect, and it makes me want to not be peaceful. Rather, they show the aspects of being self centered, ignorant and unreliable. Take a reality check EDMr’s. Try being good people for once. Follow through, be honest, and do something with your life other than getting high and drunk.

Oh, and all you promo companies. Try actually offering customer service. Respond to emails, texts, calls, whatever it may be.

IMO, most of you deserve to be thrown into the Rancor pit.

Speed Limits are an invalid argument

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Speeding is a relative term. Reasonable and Prudent is the common term. I’m going to go ahead and say that impeding traffic is more dangerous than speeding. Why? There’s nothing wrong with going fast, we have cars that are meant for the street that are capable of 200mph, and many of our streets could handle cars doing 75mph through them, while freeways can easily handle speeds around 120mph. Why don’t we allow this? Well, for one, most people are too stupid to be able to do this safely. Second, too many people don’t pay attention to their surroundings and impede the flow of traffic. By Definition, traffic is “vehicles moving on a road or public highway,” therefore if 2,3,4 or 5 vehicles want to go 100mph on the freeway, slower vehicles in the lane of travel (left lane) are impeding traffic. So here’s a note to society. Be more intelligent. Traffic jams only exist because people are doing something wrong. Everyone just hit the gas, pay attention, and let’s abolish speed limits.

5 Things Professionals have No Excuses for

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Following Directions

Okay, this is definitely one thing that I see a lot of. People either can’t or don’t read/follow directions. I get asked a question and I answer it with a short set of instructions hyper-linked to a longer set. And people still seem to ask a question I covered in the longer set.

I can get the not wanting to read insanely long documents, but when you’re handed a step by step with screenshots, c’mon.

Or even more simply, I tell someone, don’t do this. And they do it anyway. As a child, this is part of the growing process. As an adult, no.

Knowing how to use the technology you have to use every day

No matter what your profession is, you should know at least the basics of every program you use on a daily basis. You should know the basics of the consistent policies, for example: If your password changes every 90 days, you should know how to change your password and update it in the necessary locations.

Gaining and Using Common Sense

This one is simple. Just use your brain. I can’t count how many times that I get confirmation questions. I’ll say, click through the prompts (Example, all prompts might say next, ok or done) and people get confused. It’s not rocket science. Some things you can figure out. I once messaged a guy who asked for my help using our remote control software, and it says my name, and he didn’t respond because he didn’t recognize it. Again, common sense.

Paying Attention

Ever have someone consistently ask you for something that’s right in front of them? Yea, so have I. It’s annoying. Once in a while is fine, as long as it doesn’t happen all the time.

Timely Responses

In my opinion. The lack of a timely response can be killer. Ever heard the saying strike while the iron is hot? This applies to SMS, Phone Calls, Facebook Messages and Email. During your business hours, the majority of your response times should be no longer than 2-3 hours, and this is if you’re busy. During off hours, 12 hours could be acceptable depending on your position. If you face the public, you should be responding ASAP. If a CEO of a company with 400 employees can answer an email in a timely manner, then the rest of you have no excuse.

The systems are broken, let’s fix them. – Healthcare.

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We have so many stupid issues in the USA, it’s ridiculous. It seems that out economy is built to help people fail. Not the other way around. Healthcare and Corrections being two major ones that need fixing. Let’s look at healthcare in this post. If you don’t have insurance, you can bet that the second you have anything go wrong with you, you’re going to pay an astronomical and ludicrous amount of money for something that doesn’t actually cost that much. ( You’re expected to pay these 2,3,4,5x marked up prices. Prices high enough that it would be hard to pay making $40,000 per year, let alone if you’re already in poverty or struggling with bills. So what if you have health insurance? Well, if you’re young and in good health, you might luck out in paying $250-300/month for it, with a $350-500 deductible, and 30-$60 copays. Here’s the thing though, one ER visit with nothing but an ultrasound, one Urgent Care Visit, and one PCP visit WITH health insurance, has cost me a little over $800, not counting medications. This is out of pocket expense, of Co-Pays and the deductible. I mean, all in all, this is probably a low end of the spectrum, but still a very large amount to pay considering I pay $3000/year in health insurance. Which is quite low. I know someone who pays $800/month. That’s highway robbery.

So what’s the fix? How do we force a change?

While I’m not much of an expert in the politics or the massively complicated mess that is healthcare and/or insurance, at a simple level, two things need to be done.

1. Healthcare should not be a for profit venue. The hospitals should only be allowed to charge what needs to be charged to keep up to par with training, supplies, cleanliness, research, etc.

2. Healthcare Insurance companies need to be forced to become affordable. Something like a flat fee for unlimited healthcare for LEGAL citizens. $150/month for full coverage, no deductible, minimal to no copays. Then the government can require every person to have insurance. That would make much more sense than the current system which requires insurance and the companies are raising prices to be more money hungry.

These are the proposed fixes, but the way to get them into action is a little different.

The US government needs to skip over the whole rights thing and take a lesson from the dictator handbook. Insurance companies that fight it get shut down. This needs to be fixed now, not in 10 years. Look at human history, things don’t change until laws are broken, which means our laws aren’t working. End goal, affordable (for everyone) healthcare that’s still top tier.

Backing Up your Photos with Google Plus

Information Technology

For this one, you need a Gmail account or an account linked into Google. If you don’t want a gmail address, you can link your current email by clicking here.

Due to not having an iPhone emulator I can take screenshots on, the screenshots are all for Android, but the iPhone walkthrough is still very similar.

1. Open the Play Store or App Store and Search for Google+. Then install it.

2. After Installation, you should have a new icon somewhere that says Photos. Open this App.

3. Click Sign In

4. If you don’t have a Google Plus Profile, you will get a similar screen, if you do, skip to the next step.

set up google plus

5. Click the Menu, then click Settings >> Auto Backup

6. Change the Photo size to Standard (otherwise it counts against storage usage) and make sure you set while charging only as well as wifi only. Then click back up all. And Voila, your photos will now back up automatically. You can see them from this app or on the web at

Screenshot (09-47AM, Nov 03, 2014) (1)

Android App Recommendations

Information Technology

The whole point of a smartphone is to maximize communication and efficiency. Take a look at some of these apps to do both.

Click the names to go to the app!

MightyText – This app allows you to text message your clientele, friends and family from your computer using you cell phone number. You install the desktop app and mobile app, sign in with google, and you’re all set!

Trip Log Expense Tracker  – An all in one, mileage tracker with GPS tracking, IRS data reports and all around business expense tracking. Definitely an awesome app.

Smart Launcher 2 – This is the last launcher you will ever use on your android. What’s a launcher? The launcher is the home screen you see when you are using your device. This one allows fast and clean activation of Apps. Also allows the use of touch free voice activation. This is the same one Keith, Lynn and I use. For more features such as widgets, check out their pro version.

Swift Key Keyboard – This replacement keyboard has a number row, arrows, word prediction, swype, voice and many more customizations than could ever be done with the Stock keyboard.

Dolphin Browser – The ultimate browsing experience. Fast, sleek, loads almost any page and supports flash. If you pay for lastpass, there’s also a plugin for Dolphin. Find it here.

LastPass for Android – Manage all your passwords on your Android. Syncs with your computer. Requires lastpass premium for $12/year.

ES File Explorer – This is a file explorer for android, and will allow you to view the files on your phone much like you do on your computer.

My Backup Pro ($) – This is a local backup program to back up your entire device to your SD Card (On Android 4.4 it backs up to internal storage).

Greenify (optional $) – This program automatically puts applications into a sleep/hibernate mode when not in use, therefore preventing them from using your battery or data. Unlike task killers, which just restart apps, this halts them completely until you re-open them.

GSam Battery Monitor and Better Battery Stats  – Battery life got you down? These apps together can help determine what’s causing the drain!

Companies against root | Warranty Rant.

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Root: Gaining access to the system to gain full control over the $600+ device you just purchased. The equivalent of being an administrator on Windows.

Yet being an admin on Windows doesn’t void any warranties, nor is it frowned upon by officials. So why is rooting?

To all the companies who void warranties because of root. Stop it. Forget the flash counter or the Knox Warranty. If we put the firmware back to stock, it’s stock, enough said.

To Verizon, ATT, Sprint and any carrier who wants their devices bootloader locked, you suck. You have no legitimate reason for this. None. Stop doing it.

Root and unlocked bootloaders for all who want them.