Unprofessional Models


Recently, I started reviving my photography and I immediately started realizing what I hated about it! Unprofessionalism. So here’s my way of putting these unprofessional Instagram models out there on blast. Don’t work with them. All of them either bailed, didn’t respond or had such a shit response time, that they weren’t worth trying to shoot with.

  • Paige Nicolle Drysdale
  • Brenda Figueroa
  • Nicole Gum
  • Phyl D. Ray
  • Monique Grijalva
  • Shey Assar
  • Jasmine Clark
  • Corrina Ontiveros
  • Jacquie Mangaorang
  • Sierra Nicole Campbell
  • Julia Kannard
  • Madi Wadley
  • Corinna Ontiveros
  • Sabryna Williams

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