Pathetic Aspects


We glamorize getting drunk, doing drugs and sleeping around. Look on Meetup for a singles group that doesn’t involve drinking. There aren’t many. Look on any dating site for someone who doesn’t drink. There aren’t many. Ask an adult in a new area what there is to do and they’ll probably point you to a bar. Too many people hide themselves, or are too weak to be social without alcohol.

There’s a lack of respect among people. So many people I run into are so fucking clicky it’s obnoxious. Like I get it, you have your group of friends, but don’t be a cunt and lock out other people who may actually be fun to be around. I feel like so many people are super closed minded, and that’s saying something coming from me as I am kind of stuck with my ideologies.

I’ve run into so many people who will pretend to be interested in being your friend, partner, whatever. They act interested, but the moment you ask them to do anything they push you to the bottom of the barrel. These people should be kicked in the face. Here’s 3 examples. Mind you they’re all with the opposite sex, but that’s just because I don’t have any fresh memories in my mind with another male.

  • Girl hangs around us almost the entire time we were there, while swimming around somewhere. Then when asked to spend time outside, denied.
  • Girl texts and says she is open to spending time together, then disappears.
  • Girl responds actively on dating site, saying she hates text (messenging), then when asked to talk on the phone or go out makes an excuse of being busy.

What the fuck is wrong with people. What happened to being straighforward. Not being a fake twat who deserves to be hit by a bus? If you’re gonna do something, fucking do it. If you’re not interested in being around someone, fucking say it. Don’t make these pathetic excuses.


Monsanto and Healthcare

Rants and Raves

I’ve seen so many people that have gone through health issues, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on healthcare, just to have the problems come back. Our healthcare system keeps us reliant on them. Keeps us down. It doesn’t fix anything. Nothing’s cured. In hundreds of years how the FUCK is cancer still around?

Monsanto is another issue, poisoning us with preservatives and toxins. Anything natural is expensive because this corporate greed giant has the monopoly.

What do we need to do to end the greed of pharma and monsonto?