Take people for who they are


Me for example.

  • I’m opinionated
  • Open minded with some things
  • Closed minded with others
  • In aspects, I’m stuck in my comfort zones
  • I won’t do things I don’t enjoy unless I have to
  • Politically speaking, I’m totalitarian, though that’s another post.
  • I have no filter
  • I’m definitely not PC.
  • I hate when I’m not in control
  • I hate liberals who complain about shit that doesn’t ACTUALLY matter. Like this whole stupid transgender issue, seriously shut the fuck up.
  • I’m pro gun, gun free zones shouldn’t exist. They prevent Tyranny among other crimes.
  • I don’t like speed limits or stupid laws.
  • I’ll laugh at stuff I shouldn’t laugh at. My sense of humor is so dark, it picks cotton.
  • I’m not racist, but will certainly laugh at it.
  • However above this all, I’m loving, caring and old fashioned when it comes to dating.

Point is, I’m awesome, fuck the rest of you. Love #Deadpool.



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