My outlook on dating

Rants and Raves, Relationships

Dating these days is complicated, stressful and impossible to understand. I’m always wondering, should I say this, should I text that, should I call, am I being needy. I mean fuck, you can’t be yourself anymore without scaring them away.

Personally, if I like you right off the bat and enjoy being around you, I’d rather date you and only you until we determine it’s going to work out or not. Dating more than one person at a time doesn’t make sense to me It’s harder to keep track of who the person you like really is, makes it harder to remember things they’ve told you, etc.

I can’t stand how it’s so impossible to tell the outcome. It’s all like a foreign language. If he/she says you’re sweet, but he/she’s still thinking about it, then what the fuck?

Some of this I blame on the guys who use girls for sex.  The idea of playing with emotions isn’t appealing because I know the feeling all too well. Downside of falling fast, and being somewhat OCD.

People always tell me to “focus on yourself”, “do what makes you happy”. Well what if I told you I was happy before starting to date someone, the fact that I get down from wondering where it’s going to go is situational and is typically an emotional response that is engrained in some of us, if not all of us.

In any case. I’m going to be myself. Love it or hate it. I’m genuine.

Nicole Arbour said it even better. Dating these days is Fucked.