The new photo generation

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What the photo industry has evolved into is pathetic and sickening. It seems to be a bunch of unoriginal copycats setting the bar to those doing the hiring that results in at least one of the following: Long hours and no-low pay, Everyone expecting a lot from trade, photographers giving away photos without watermarks. This is NOT okay.

As a photographer, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Give away photos without your logos (Give away means for free or less than $200/hour)
  • Be willing to work long hours for free
  • Be willing to work long hours for less than $50/hour
    • Depends on experience
  • Shoot on auto
  • Not edit your photos originally
    • Copying makes you a piece of shit

As a person hiring, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Expect photos without a watermark unless you’re paying very well
  • Expect 5 hours of work for less than $200/hour
  • NEVER tell a legitimate photographer with a legitimate backing you don’t need them.
    • This makes you a douche.
    • Since when are good photos a bad thing?
    • There’s never too much coverage of your event when it’s legitimate.
  • Expect anything without paying for it

Be fucking grateful a company wants to cover your event if they reached out to you.

Bottom line, if you can’t do it, and are going to get quality images in one way or another, shut the fuck up and let the photographers do what they do best. 



Get with the times

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Technology is all around us. Why would you reject it? Phone calls are outdated and inefficient at handling multiple requests at once. Use technology to your benefit. Text, Email, use a ticket system like OSTicket or DeskPro. Personally, I’m less likely to deal with a business that doesn’t use up to date tech. Get with the times. The longer you reject it, the more you’re gonna have to spend in the end to set it up or learn.

PLUR is a joke

Rants and Raves

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Funny, no one I know who uses the term (or is in the EDM industry) fits the bill one bit. So far, the EDM industry has proved how society has failed. No one shows any real love, unity or respect, and it makes me want to not be peaceful. Rather, they show the aspects of being self centered, ignorant and unreliable. Take a reality check EDMr’s. Try being good people for once. Follow through, be honest, and do something with your life other than getting high and drunk.

Oh, and all you promo companies. Try actually offering customer service. Respond to emails, texts, calls, whatever it may be.

IMO, most of you deserve to be thrown into the Rancor pit.

Speed Limits are an invalid argument

Rants and Raves

Speeding is a relative term. Reasonable and Prudent is the common term. I’m going to go ahead and say that impeding traffic is more dangerous than speeding. Why? There’s nothing wrong with going fast, we have cars that are meant for the street that are capable of 200mph, and many of our streets could handle cars doing 75mph through them, while freeways can easily handle speeds around 120mph. Why don’t we allow this? Well, for one, most people are too stupid to be able to do this safely. Second, too many people don’t pay attention to their surroundings and impede the flow of traffic. By Definition, traffic is “vehicles moving on a road or public highway,” therefore if 2,3,4 or 5 vehicles want to go 100mph on the freeway, slower vehicles in the lane of travel (left lane) are impeding traffic. So here’s a note to society. Be more intelligent. Traffic jams only exist because people are doing something wrong. Everyone just hit the gas, pay attention, and let’s abolish speed limits.