5 Things Professionals have No Excuses for

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

Following Directions

Okay, this is definitely one thing that I see a lot of. People either can’t or don’t read/follow directions. I get asked a question and I answer it with a short set of instructions hyper-linked to a longer set. And people still seem to ask a question I covered in the longer set.

I can get the not wanting to read insanely long documents, but when you’re handed a step by step with screenshots, c’mon.

Or even more simply, I tell someone, don’t do this. And they do it anyway. As a child, this is part of the growing process. As an adult, no.

Knowing how to use the technology you have to use every day

No matter what your profession is, you should know at least the basics of every program you use on a daily basis. You should know the basics of the consistent policies, for example: If your password changes every 90 days, you should know how to change your password and update it in the necessary locations.

Gaining and Using Common Sense

This one is simple. Just use your brain. I can’t count how many times that I get confirmation questions. I’ll say, click through the prompts (Example, all prompts might say next, ok or done) and people get confused. It’s not rocket science. Some things you can figure out. I once messaged a guy who asked for my help using our remote control software, and it says my name, and he didn’t respond because he didn’t recognize it. Again, common sense.

Paying Attention

Ever have someone consistently ask you for something that’s right in front of them? Yea, so have I. It’s annoying. Once in a while is fine, as long as it doesn’t happen all the time.

Timely Responses

In my opinion. The lack of a timely response can be killer. Ever heard the saying strike while the iron is hot? This applies to SMS, Phone Calls, Facebook Messages and Email. During your business hours, the majority of your response times should be no longer than 2-3 hours, and this is if you’re busy. During off hours, 12 hours could be acceptable depending on your position. If you face the public, you should be responding ASAP. If a CEO of a company with 400 employees can answer an email in a timely manner, then the rest of you have no excuse.