The systems are broken, let’s fix them. – Healthcare.

Rants and Raves

We have so many stupid issues in the USA, it’s ridiculous. It seems that out economy is built to help people fail. Not the other way around. Healthcare and Corrections being two major ones that need fixing. Let’s look at healthcare in this post. If you don’t have insurance, you can bet that the second you have anything go wrong with you, you’re going to pay an astronomical and ludicrous amount of money for something that doesn’t actually cost that much. ( You’re expected to pay these 2,3,4,5x marked up prices. Prices high enough that it would be hard to pay making $40,000 per year, let alone if you’re already in poverty or struggling with bills. So what if you have health insurance? Well, if you’re young and in good health, you might luck out in paying $250-300/month for it, with a $350-500 deductible, and 30-$60 copays. Here’s the thing though, one ER visit with nothing but an ultrasound, one Urgent Care Visit, and one PCP visit WITH health insurance, has cost me a little over $800, not counting medications. This is out of pocket expense, of Co-Pays and the deductible. I mean, all in all, this is probably a low end of the spectrum, but still a very large amount to pay considering I pay $3000/year in health insurance. Which is quite low. I know someone who pays $800/month. That’s highway robbery.

So what’s the fix? How do we force a change?

While I’m not much of an expert in the politics or the massively complicated mess that is healthcare and/or insurance, at a simple level, two things need to be done.

1. Healthcare should not be a for profit venue. The hospitals should only be allowed to charge what needs to be charged to keep up to par with training, supplies, cleanliness, research, etc.

2. Healthcare Insurance companies need to be forced to become affordable. Something like a flat fee for unlimited healthcare for LEGAL citizens. $150/month for full coverage, no deductible, minimal to no copays. Then the government can require every person to have insurance. That would make much more sense than the current system which requires insurance and the companies are raising prices to be more money hungry.

These are the proposed fixes, but the way to get them into action is a little different.

The US government needs to skip over the whole rights thing and take a lesson from the dictator handbook. Insurance companies that fight it get shut down. This needs to be fixed now, not in 10 years. Look at human history, things don’t change until laws are broken, which means our laws aren’t working. End goal, affordable (for everyone) healthcare that’s still top tier.