Android App Recommendations

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The whole point of a smartphone is to maximize communication and efficiency. Take a look at some of these apps to do both.

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MightyText – This app allows you to text message your clientele, friends and family from your computer using you cell phone number. You install the desktop app and mobile app, sign in with google, and you’re all set!

Trip Log Expense Tracker  – An all in one, mileage tracker with GPS tracking, IRS data reports and all around business expense tracking. Definitely an awesome app.

Smart Launcher 2 – This is the last launcher you will ever use on your android. What’s a launcher? The launcher is the home screen you see when you are using your device. This one allows fast and clean activation of Apps. Also allows the use of touch free voice activation. This is the same one Keith, Lynn and I use. For more features such as widgets, check out their pro version.

Swift Key Keyboard – This replacement keyboard has a number row, arrows, word prediction, swype, voice and many more customizations than could ever be done with the Stock keyboard.

Dolphin Browser – The ultimate browsing experience. Fast, sleek, loads almost any page and supports flash. If you pay for lastpass, there’s also a plugin for Dolphin. Find it here.

LastPass for Android – Manage all your passwords on your Android. Syncs with your computer. Requires lastpass premium for $12/year.

ES File Explorer – This is a file explorer for android, and will allow you to view the files on your phone much like you do on your computer.

My Backup Pro ($) – This is a local backup program to back up your entire device to your SD Card (On Android 4.4 it backs up to internal storage).

Greenify (optional $) – This program automatically puts applications into a sleep/hibernate mode when not in use, therefore preventing them from using your battery or data. Unlike task killers, which just restart apps, this halts them completely until you re-open them.

GSam Battery Monitor and Better Battery Stats  – Battery life got you down? These apps together can help determine what’s causing the drain!


Companies against root | Warranty Rant.

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

Root: Gaining access to the system to gain full control over the $600+ device you just purchased. The equivalent of being an administrator on Windows.

Yet being an admin on Windows doesn’t void any warranties, nor is it frowned upon by officials. So why is rooting?

To all the companies who void warranties because of root. Stop it. Forget the flash counter or the Knox Warranty. If we put the firmware back to stock, it’s stock, enough said.

To Verizon, ATT, Sprint and any carrier who wants their devices bootloader locked, you suck. You have no legitimate reason for this. None. Stop doing it.

Root and unlocked bootloaders for all who want them. 



The new reason to avoid Apple Macs.

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

It looks like the days of a user upgradeable mac have gone bye bye. The new MacBook pros, and some (if not all) of the iMacs are no longer user serviceable. What does this mean? Well if your RAM, Hard Drive or battery goes out, or you simply want to upgrade, you can no longer bring it to a 3rd party shop to fix, such as myself. Therefore you’re going to pay out the ass to fix anything. You will now also be stuck with the specs you bought with no way to upgrade without buying a whole new computer.

So whoever decided to solder the ram to the mobo, glue the battery in and use a pci-e hard drive. I hope you get raped and beaten with a old model 60lb Mac Pro. Apple, you can go fuck yourselves for this decision. Do everyone a favor and revert back to your old way.