Things Men don’t want to talk about / Things that will drive him away

  1. Guys she likes – This is the biggest one I can think of. It just makes me mad when girls I’m into talk about other dudes. Like wtf am I, chopped liver? And seriously, how would you like it if someone did it to you?
  2. Guys she’s banged – Once in a while this is fine, but all the time, just shut the fuck up, we don’t care.
  3. Trying to be friends – Guess what, if we like you, we’ve got enough friends, until we’re either over you or have someone to replace you, we’re never going to accept you being with someone else.
  4. Being a slut – Sleeping around is unclassy and immature, seriously, unless you want to be someone that guys hit and quit, don’t be like this.
  5. Making them Feel Uncomfortable in Bed – Maybe this doesn’t go with all, but I know for me when a girl isn’t supportive and expects me to be an expert it’s a turn off and a massive hit to the self esteem. This can be anything from not lasting to size, to sucking. How about instead of being critical, you turn it into something positive and direct them. Be mature about it, nothing to be ashamed of and there’s nothing awkward about telling a partner what you like. Plus, if the guy is actually into you, he’ll work on improving.
  6. Complaining about using a condom – Unless you can show me your full STD test results from that day, no. I actually kicked a girl out of my bed for this one.
  7. Being on your phone when you should be enjoying time with him – This is self explanatory, it’s rude and hurtful. 100% attention should be given if you two are spending time together.
  8. Coming off as you’re using him – We can usually tell if you’re using us, and even if you aren’t, don’t expect us to do everything for you. Again, how would you feel if someone did this to you?