A message to the Anti-Uber

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

While I haven’t read through current Taxi regulations, as each state is different and with many regulations, they’re more complicated than they should be, let’s go over the common knowledge basics of Taxi regulation.

  • Between 100k-1m liability insurance (depending on the state)
  • Drivers are drug tested
  • Background Checks
  • Commercial Licenses

Now, let’s look at Uber/Lyft

  • 1 million in liability insurance + comprehensive collision
  • Background Checks
  • Personal Licenses

Seriously though, Lyft and Uber have the insurance, they do their background checks and they terminate drivers for poor conduct or drug use. As for the commercial license, there’s ZERO reason for this as no Uber/Lyft driver will be very unlikely to ever transport 16 or more people. So, my dear lawmakers and Taxi drivers, your Argument is Invalid.

All we keep hearing is the bad (which in reality is a very small percentage), rather than the good. Again, the arguments of driver misconduct is just being highlighted consistently, even though it’s only been a handful of drivers. That’s not a fair judgement. Think of how much more misconduct and mistrust people have for Taxi companies. Every person I’ve ever talked to who has used Uber or Lyft said they will never go back to Taxis if they can help it. Short point of this is. We’re a democracy, if a majority of people decide Taxis need to go and Uber/Lyft need to stay, that’s what needs to happen. So enough with banning Uber/Lyft. Seriously, what’s with banning for Airport Pickups and drop offs? As long as drivers communicate with their passengers and aren’t waiting around, there’s no difference between a Lyft/Uber driver picking up someone and a friend. So enough is enough, just sit down and shut up.


Side Note:

As for the personal insurance companies dealing with Lyft/Uber Drivers. It’s about time ya’ll stop fighting it as well and work with them. The goal is a more friendly experience with drivers who are driving part time and not making enough to justify commercial insurance. Time for your policies to change to allow ridesharing services for those driving under, let’s say 15 hours per week. I can tell you, I looked into commercial insurance and it’s $5500 for my 2014 VW, which I cannot justify as I’d still have to pay for my $2000 personal insurance. Considering I only drive 5-10 hours a week. Really, you’re not losing any more money than you would with a non rideshare driver. In fact, you’re probably making more. Though I guess this really isn’t huge, as Uber/Lyft will both cover personal vehicles, albeit MUCH slower than personal companies.