People who suck at life – Things in life that suck

Rants and Raves

Guys who think with their dicks instead of their heads

  • You know why it’s so easy for girls to find a guy or boyfriend? Because guys are fucking retarded and will fuck anything, going out of their way for sex with no connection. Guys, stop. And Ladies, remember, just like alcohol and drugs, sex won’t make you happy forever.

People who are incapable of having fun without alcohol and people who drink as their main source of fun.

  • To me, this is just immature, there’s so much more to life than getting drunk. Plus, this forces you to find out who you really are without being uninhibited.

People who knock on people who don’t drink

  • Try living in my shoes for a month. It takes a strong person to put up with the rest of you morons.

People who do drugs

  • Drugs should be legal, just to the point hospitals don’t treat people who OD unless they commit to getting clean. There’s no point to doing them. Deal with your problems.

People whose lives revolve around working out.

  • I get the staying in shape, but if all you do is go to the gym and post selfies on Facebook, you’re a superficial douche.

People who cause or contribute to food poisoning

  • One of the worst feelings is that of a stomach virus. If you’re a little fuck who contributes to this by failing to wash your hands or something stupid, you my friend should be forced to be injected with E-coli, salmonella and the rotovirus all at once.

Slow drivers

  • Honestly, get the fuck out of the way. It’s your fault traffic sucks. And you cause more accidents than speeders.

Speed Limits

  • The entire point is to make the government money. It needs to be changed to a suggested speed and minimum speed

Cops who don’t enforce the left lane law

  • C’mon, it’s simple. Pull people over for being in the left lane unless they’re passing at at least 9 over, or if they have at least 3 cars tailing them. Help relieve road rage and congestion.

Death and Taxes

  • Two things that will never go away.

Shady/Pointless Legislation/Judicial System

  • Like the fact we put drug addicts in prison. The fact that we call our prisons correctional institutions and don’t correct anything, but rather create career criminals. I get that the prison system is about the money, but this is the wrong place to put the funding into. How about funding schools and not committing highway robbery against students.

Being lead on

  • No one likes it. And these days it’s hard to tell the difference between someone being friendly and someone who might be interested. If you’re not interested, fucking say it.

Dishonest/fake people

  • You know this kind of person, 10,000 friends. Will invite you out and never follow through.

Whores and Players

  • Players because they serve no real purpose. And Whores because they just play with emotions. What happened to the days of only sleeping with someone you would continue to sleep with? And exclusively?

People who choose Lust over Love

  • Do the research, sex is better when there’s an emotional connection. Why waste time, really? If both of you agree on it, you’re both the problem.

People who are overly optimistic and are blind to the truth

  • If you’re always happy, you’re probably not always happy. And/or you can’t see the bullshit around you.

People who complain about complaints like this

  • Here’s the thing. This kind of complaining is pointing out flaws in our society, you complaining about me complaining is pointless.


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