Rideshare Ratings

Information Technology, Rants and Raves

The following are the only legitimate reasons to downrate a Lyft/UberX Driver.

1. The driver is inappropriate, and by normal people standards, not by your impossible standards. This means he or she was hitting on you, making you feel uncomfortable with off color conversation, etc.

2. The driver is reckless. I mean like doing 100 in a 45, not changing lanes every few seconds to get past traffic. Note, if you drive like a grandma yourself, you’re not allowed to be a judge of this one.

3. The car is filthy. If the back seat is covered in gum, hair, dirt, puke, whatever it may be, this is an acceptable reason to downrate. Mention it to the driver though. It’s possible they missed it when cleaning it out. If there’s a little dirt on the ground, or maybe a little dust on the seat, this is NOT a legitimate reason.


The following are NOT legitimate reasons to rate down your UberX driver. If you downrate for any of the following, you shouldn’t be taking UberX/Lyft. Stick to black car or SUV you princess you.

1. They don’t have water, the cord for your phone or a way to play your music. Remember, this is a convenience, not a requirement.

2. The driver is quiet. If the driver isn’t talking to you, maybe he or she has nothing to say or may just be a shy person. Don’t take it personally, there are times we’re happy to just be quiet, enjoy the ride and listen to some tunes.

3. Driver made a wrong turn, or got turned around in your neighborhood. It happens. You try being under pressure to perform to unrealistic standards in a neighborhood that’s a maze. If they cost you extra money by going 5 miles out of the way, mention it to them as they can have the fare reviewed, but don’t downrate for this.


Remember. UberX/Lyft drivers are people like you, putting A LOT of miles on their own cars so that you can get around for less in a car nicer than a taxi at less of a price. UberX should be more laid back and should not be held to the same standards of SUV or Black Car. So give us a break. If the driver was polite, got you there in one piece in a clean car, give them a 5 star.


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